****All Boards and Committees meet on the first Monday of the month (after September) Summer Meetings are Wed., July 5th and Tuesday, Sept. 14th – due to vacations and holidays.

Lay Leadership Group (LLG)

The LLG is our primary leadership group. It focuses on the people and programs of our church.

Meeting time: Third Tuesday at 7 PM, Conference Room, year-round.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees handles the finances and care of the physical assets of the church.

Music Committee

The Music Committee works with the musical groups within the church to maintain our musical equipment, libraries, and supplies.  We are the advocates for wonderful, varied music in worship and in our special programs.  The music committee helps with the varied “Fun”-raisers throughout the year — Oktoberfest, Luau, Concerts and the annual May Cabaret.

Worship Committee

The Worship Committee works with the pastoral staff to help create a meaningful service each week. They also use the skills of the Director of Music Ministry, the Usher teams, and the Sacred Design team to enhance the worship experience at FCC.

Mission: Possible!

Our Mission: Possible! Committee coordinates many special projects for local and national mission programs. They sponsor and support many events at the church and organize the annual Crop Walk. One upcoming project will be the annual Giving Tree collection for area families at Christmas.

The Mission Possible! team would like to thank the congregation for their donations to the Christmas in July campaign.

The Christmas in July donations were delivered to the Grace Center of Hope on July 6th. The donations filled one car. There were 1252 diapers, 4556 wipes, 195 juice boxes, 17 boxes of tissues, and many snacks (crackers & granola bars). The donations were greatly appreciated.


Meals, rides, and other support are offered to members as we take care of our own.

Evangelism Team (E-team)

The E-team helps spread information about the church to those outside of FCC.  They greet visitors and establish contact with potential new members.